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Allstate Auto Insurance Company Of Florida

In order to get a good understanding for what Allstate Auto Insurance Company of Florida has to offer, you will need to obtain a quote and compare it with other providers.

In addition to looking at the financial strength of any FL auto insurance companyyou consider, you should also get a feel for how happy their customers are.

Here’s some basic information on Allstate Auto Insurance Company of Florida, what they have to offer you, and how to get an Allstate Florida auto insurance quote. 

Allstate Auto Insurance Company Of Florida’s Reputation 

Based out of Northbrook, IL, Allstate Auto Insurance Company of Florida is part of a nationwide outfit known to Americans and Canadians as “The Good Hands People”.
The all familiar slogan is “You’re in good hands”.  They are number two on the totem pole of personal lines insurers, and said to be number one publicly.

In addition to auto insurance they offer lifeproperty and casualty as well ashomeowners.  Why is that important while you are looking at car insurance? You can often get a discount if you carry multiple policies with the same company. So ask!

To keep in step with the competition, Allstate now has a full service bank.  They also offer financial and investment products, and even a motor club that offers roadside assistance to its policy holders.  Not bad benefits from a car insurance provider. 

Reasons To Consider An Allstate Car Insurance Company Of Florida Policy         

Allstate Auto Insurance Company of Florida has several packages to choose from.  Does one of these fit your family’s needs?  

They offer:

  1. Accident forgiveness
  2. Deductible rewards
  3. Online bill pay
  4. Safe driver bonuses
  5. New car replacement (opt.)

There are numerous Allstate Auto Insurance Company of Florida Agencies, throughout the Sunshine State. 

What People Are Saying About Allstate Auto Insurance Company Of Florida

People are talking about the subpoena issued to Allstate Auto Insurance Company by Commissioner McCarty of the Office of Insurance Regulation.  Recent hurricanes and events of the housing markets has affected and created risk factors for the Allstate homeowners division.

Allstate has continued to service Floridians with auto insurance while facing challenges with homeowner policies. The commission filed a motion to interrupt the signing of new policies until required documents were submitted.

In compliance, Allstate Auto Insurance Company of Florida is dedicated to servicing current auto insurance policy holders while resolving the issues. Open to all policy holders, Allstate has a community forum where comments can be made to improve its services.  After receiving over 55,000 claims there is no way everyone will hear what they want, but they seem to be listening.

Filing An Allstate Auto Insurance Company Of Florida Claim 

Time is of the essence when filing a claim form.  As with most insurance companies, there is usually a window in which to submit your claim.  Then documentation is the next important factor.

Any supporting information like pictures would be helpful as well.  Estimates and medical bills will serve their purpose when it comes time to file a claim also.  The police report is the most important document and is a standard issue at the scene of an accident.

If you are unsure of the process, an agent should be able to walk you through the process.  Online help is just a click away.  If you don’t have access to the Internet, you can contact an agent by phone. In fact, every policyholder should make sure they know what to do in the case of an accident, that way they avoid mistakes and ensure that everything is done. 

Allstate Auto Insurance Company Of Florida And Recent Events

In the wake of hurricane Katrina and all subsequent events, Allstate is not standing in the best position.  A lot of people are having their homeowners policies cancelled and claims rejected.  Allstate Auto Insurance Company of Florida is still trying to hold on to its base in Florida.

With its long standing reputation, hopefully this is just one of those bumps in the road and things start to level out.  It would be unfortunate not to have one of the most reputable insurance companies represented in the Florida area.

It is still unclear what the outcome is going to be with respect to sanctions that have been levied against Allstate Auto Insurance Company of Florida.   For a while Floridians were reaping the benefits of low cost auto insurance at an instant.  Now those offers have come to an instant halt.

What does this mean for your auto policy? Possibly nothing. Even so, it always pays to know what your insurance company is dealing with.

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