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How to Lower Your Florida Auto Insurance Rate

There are too many people who are paying much more than they need to for Florida car insurance. With a few tips you can significantly lower your Florida car insurance rates.

Even following one of these tips may be enough to lower your rate substantially. Let’s get started learning how to save you some money on your Florida car insurance rate!

1) If you are planning to purchase a new vehicle is it important to check on the rates for that vehicle before you buy it, not after. Sometimes it is advantageous to buy a lower profile vehicle to lower your rates.

2) Another way to lower your Florida car insurance rate is to place all family vehicles on one policy. There are often huge discounts when multiple vehicles are placed under one policy. If there is more than one vehicle at your household look into consolidating all the vehicles into one policy.

3) A third way to lower your rates is to look into age discounts. Florida offers discounts to both older and younger drivers. The Mature Driver discount is a discount for Florida drivers over the age of 55 who have completed an approved accident prevention course. If you are insured under Geico the age minimum is lowered to 50. Younger student drivers can also benefit from reduced rates by maintaining straight A’s and B’s.

4) Major discounts can be scored with most Florida insurance providers by having simple safety features such as anti lock breaks and daytime running lights. Other major safety discounts include a car with airbags and a car alarm. If looking to purchase a car look for cars that already have these money saving safety features.

5) Insurance companies also look at how many miles you drive each day – the higher the mileage the more likely the rates will also be higher. If you can decrease your mileage, chances are likely the insurance company will also decrease your insurance rate.

6) Good credit history is another area that can help you get the lowest Florida rates possible. The reasoning behind it is that the insurance company looks at how timely you were in paying your past bills and assumes that if you were timely in the past you will be timely in paying your insurance bills.

7) Get quotes. Many people automatically go with what insurance their best friend has or what they have held in the past, but the key to getting the cheapest Florida car insurance is to compare quotes among different companies. Use our free quote finding tool at the top of the page to comparison shop quotes from multiple Florida auto insurers. Taking a few extra minutes to compare FL car insurance rates now could save you hundreds of dollars on car insurance!

8) A clean driving record can also significantly lower your Florida car insurance rates. Provision of a certificate of a drivers training course to your insurance company or proof of attendance to an approved defensive driving course are both ways to lower your car insurance rate in Florida.

9) Another way to lower your rate is to consider dropping comprehensive and collision coverage on older vehicles. Oftentimes the cost of collision coverage will outweigh the actual value of an older car. If the car is not worth that much to begin with, consider looking up the actual value of your vehicle and dropping comprehensive and collision coverage.

10) Maintain auto insurance. If you go for periods of time without car insurance and the try reinstating auto insurance the premium will often be higher. In the long run it is more cost effective to maintain car insurance then to go through bouts of on again off again coverage.

11) The location of your vehicle also has a lot to do with the price range of your rates. Like it or not, the area you live in may be considered high risk, whether it be from the lack of street lights in your neighborhood to the close proximity of the local highway. If you are looking into moving oftentimes your rate can change depending on the area you are moving to. Consider checking your insurance company if you have moved recently to see if you qualify for lower rates.

12) Buy a small car. Now, that doesn’t mean buy a sports car, but a good rule of thumb is that the more expensive a vehicle is to maintain or repair the more expensive the car insurance will be. So, following that reasoning, a more compact car is easier and cheaper to maintain and repair, bolstering your chances of lower Florida insurance rates.

While buying affordable car insurance can seem overwhelming for the Florida resident, a few minutes comparing quotes and following the tips outlined above can save you hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars! Compare multiple auto insurance companies offers side by side.

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