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Florida No Fault Auto Insurance

The Florida no fault law has come into the spot light recently because of its retirement in October 2007. With the controversy surrounding Florida’s no fault law it is important to know what exactly the no fault law is and what the sunset of it in Florida will mean for car insurance owners. What is […]

Florida Home And Car Insurance

Those Florida residents wanting to carry both their Florida home and car insurance through the same company hoping for a multiple policy discount may be disappointed to find out that they can’t do it, mostly because homeowners insurance is difficult to come by in FL.  Florida Home And Car Insurance: Homeowners Coverage  In 2005 there are […]

Florida Car Insurance Policy Provisions

When you are looking for a provider for your Florida car insurance, policy provisions and coverage options will help determine your rates. Some of the policy provisions for FL drivers are mandated by car insurance laws. Use the information below to make sure that you car insurance policy provisions meet Florida laws and your individual […]

Florida Auto Insurance Policy

Whether you are looking for auto insurance in Florida for the first time, or have had a policy for several years, it would behoove you to implement a Florida car insurance plan review.  If your insurance plan is new, you are likely to meet current guidelines.  If you have had your plan for a while […]

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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