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Florida Mature Driver Discount Course

When you ask a teenager about driving in Florida they will often jokingly tell you that people above 60 years old, sometimes even above 50 should just park their car and stop driving. The bad thing for those teenagers is that Florida, with a high degree of its population above that 50 year mark is encouraging mature drivers to keep driving. They are doing this by allowing them to take the Florida Mature Driver Discount Course.

This course is specially deigned for people above the age of 55 and is part of the Florida Insurance Code, Section 627.0652. The only thing required for any mature driver is to take an accident prevention course online that will allow them to have lower rates for the next three years! The state of Florida started this in order to help mature drivers keep their driving skills that might diminish with age sharp and to help them save some money on their Florida car insurance rates.

Drivers that decide to take the course will be required to pass it in order for them to receive the automatic discount for the next three years. However, the online class is not difficult at all and it even covers some topics that any safe driver should know. Some of the things taught in the course are:

1. The physical effects that an aging person might have and how it affects his/her driving.

2. The update in traffic signs and traffic laws.

3. Pedestrians.

4. Vehicle Technology.

5. Urban, Rural and Highway Driving.

6. How to drive defensively

It is important to know that the sections covered in the course may vary and the one noted previously are some broad categories that the driver will see while taking it. The cost of the class online ranges from $14 to $20 and two of the websites that offer the Mature Driver Discount Course are:



Although with the passing of the course the driver gets an automatic discount from any insurance company offering auto insurance in FL, some insurers might ask for the driver not to be involved in any accident in which the insured is at fault and not to be guilty of a moving traffic violation. For this reason the driver should consult with his/her insurance agent to make sure that they qualify for the price decrease at all times.

Overall, drivers that complete this course should expect their auto insurance rates to drop no matter who their insurance company is. A few of the expected discounts from popular Florida insurance companies are listed below, for all the other ones it is necessary to call or log in their website in order to get the exact discount price.

1. Allstate: 10%

2. GEICO: 10%

3. Progressive: 5%

4. State Farm: 5%

5. USAA: 8 to 15%

Now that one of the best kept secrets in Florida has been told it is time for everyone over the age of 55 to take the Mature Driver Discount Course. It is fast, easy to do and very cheap if it’s compared to the amount of savings it can bring to a driver throughout those three years he or she is eligible for the program’s discounts.

Regardless of whether you are over the age of 55 or not; use our free FL insurance quote finder at the top of the page or on our home page to compare auto insurance quotes from the top insurers side by side.

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