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Taking action and getting a free Florida car insurance quote is a common sense move that is bound to save you money. There are tons of companies that offer free quotes for FL car insurance. Getting a free quote before committing to any one of them will allow you to compare coverage options, prices and other available features of individual policies.

Use our free Florida car insurance quote comparison tool to compare quotes from top insurance companies side by side. Just enter your information into the tool at the top of the page to get started.

Before you get started, here are some of the things you should look for when getting that free car insurance quote in Florida.

Basics Of A Free Florida Car Insurance Quote

The first thing that you will want to know is exactly what your car insurance quote is for! A rate or premium is meaningless unless you understand what you get in exchange for it.

There are minimum requirements for car insurance in Florida. You must have:

  • PIP (Personal Injury Protection) of $10,000
  • Property Damage Liability of $10,000

The above minimum coverage options are often referred to as PIP/PD. Although these are the absolute minimums required, that doesn’t mean that they are all you should carry. Just is sure that if you get one quote that only covers these options, that you compare other quotes with the same information.

Recommended Coverage On Your Free Florida Auto Insurance Quotes

Even though you aren’t always required to carry Bodily Injury Liability coverage, your insurer can require it of you if you have had an accident. It’s also highly recommended coverage.

While Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Liability is not required by the state of Florida, you really should consider it. Just knowing that there are uninsured motorists out there is a scary thought. Being injured by one of them is just terrifying.

Florida is considered a No-Fault state. No, this doesn’t mean you’re excused for any accidents you cause! It does mean that your insurer is required to pay on your injury even if you are at fault. The potential down side to a No- Fault state is that it limits an injured person’s ability to sue.

Factors That Will Impact Your Free Florida Car Insurance Quote

When you are obtaining quotes for your FL auto insurance, expect to answer a number of questions about your driving record, location, car use and current policy. It’s really important to know the specifics of your current policy if you are trying to find lower rate. Imagine how frustrating it would be to get excited over a new, lower rate, only to discover it’s for less coverage than you have now.

Questions you might be asked include:

  1. What zip code is your car parked in at night?
  2. How’s your credit score?
  3. What are the bodily injury limits on your current coverage?

How Location Affects Your Free Florida Auto Insurance Quote

Your location in the state, country, or part of town can definitely affect your insurance premiums and rates. This is important to know because, for some people at some times in life, it’s a controllable factor.

In fact, getting car insurance quotes before you decide to make a move can be a smart and money saving move.

How Your Credit Score Impacts Your Free Florida Car Insurance Quote

Insurance providers do see credit history as an indication of overall responsibility. Poor credit rankings are often associated with higher risk of filing insurance claims for, not just car insurance, but other types of insurance as well.

Again, knowing this can be a good thing. If you don’t like the car insurance quotes you get using the free quote tool, you’ve got the power to improve that credit score and plug in again a few months down the road.

The importance of knowing your current coverage when obtaining a new quote was discussed above. You really need to make sure you are comparing similar coverage options.

Benefits Of Using A Free Florida Car Insurance Quote

So why would you get quote for you car FL car insurance using a free online tool rather calling a broker in person, or just going to a company website? The benefits are many:

  1. Agents may biased and may only be knowledgeable of one company
  2. Save time because online tools offer all the information  in one place
  3. You can access multiple company information at once
  4. Save money with easy comparisons
  5. Avoid traffic hassles
  6. Avoid face to face meetings with pushy insurance sales people
  7. Get all the info while sitting in your favorite chair

Compare Free Florida Auto Insurance Quotes Now!

It’s truly amazing that you can access all the information you need to get a free car insurance quote with out even getting in your car or picking up your phone! Simply got to the easy quote tool above and get your free Florida car insurance quote today!

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