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The fastest way to obtain an instant Florida car insurance quote is online.  Everything is instantaneous.  It used to be that you had to make a phone call and get a quote.  You still can call to obtain that quote for FL car insurance, just don’t expect to always get it instantaneously as with an Internet quote.

Most times the agent on the other end of the telephone has to call you back with that quote, when your online quote is as far as the next page. If you don’t like waiting, use these guidelines to get a free and instant quote for your Florida car insurance.

To compare quotes from top FL auto insurance companies side by side online then just enter your information into our free FL auto insurance quote tool at the top of the page.

An Instant Florida Car Insurance Quote Can Give Me Enough To Choose From, Or Too Much To Choose From 

An online quote may give us many more choices than just skimming through the Yellow Pages.  There are online companies as well as physical companies to choose from.  To attract more people to the Internet, most companies are offering cheaper rates online than by phone.

There are numerous comparison sites that are designed to create objective comparison.  These sites present a list of companies, and will give you so many choices that you have to narrow them down and then maybe once more.

Most of these quotes are free so it’s more educational to the consumer who gets several quotes.

An Instant Florida Auto Insurance Quote That Will Suit Your Needs 

The consumer has to have some idea of what their needs are.  The state’s minimum requirements may not be enough for the driver’s actual needs.

A person with one car may need rental car replacement in the event of an accident or repair.  Another driver may want extra bodily injury coverage for him or herself.

A lot of times state requirements don’t require enough coverage for the driver in the event the driver is hurt.  Florida does require this coverage. 

An Instant Florida Car Insurance Quote Meet And State Requirements 

Floridians must carry at least $50,000 worth of liability to cover bodily injury and damages in event of an accident.  It is broken down like so: 

    1. Minimum Coverage – $10,000 for 1 person injured by insured, $20,000 for all others in one accident, and $10,000 for property damage (incl.) other vehicle & the insured’s vehicle.
    2. PIP Requirement – $10,000 for insured’s injury or funeral expenses.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is a Florida requirement.  It’s necessary due to the fact that Florida does not require uninsured’s motorist fee.  If you have a more expensive vehicle you may want to obtain collision insurance to cover damage to your vehicle.

Comprehensive insurance is another option for those with an expensive vehicle.

An Instant Florida Auto Insurance Quote And Reputable Options 

An instant Florida auto insurance quote offers an array of reputable and not so reputable options.  It is important for the consumer to check out the business with the Better Business Bureau and A.M Best.

The consumer also has to determine where they are going to get the best rate for what they may need.  The bigger company may not equate to the better insurance quote.

An advantage to online shopping is that the consumer can take advantage of the many reviews online about a particular company.  If several consumers have a negative experience, expressing it online spreads the word like fire. 

Instant Florida Car Insurance Quotes And Dealing Direct 

Most times you are dealing directly with the insurance company when obtaining an instant Florida insurance quote.  You can go directly to the company’s website and ask questions and get answers directly from a representative.  However, there are a number of comparison companies and tool such as ours at the top of the page that give you an array of companies to choose from based on your needs.  These type of tools give you objective guidance in choosing a company.

They can give you reviews on a company for your own consideration as well as a company’s sustaining ability.  No matter how you decide to obtain an instant Florida car insurance quote, make sure you are educated about your needs by clicking on the quote tool at the top of the page.

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Free Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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